Meatless Monday 8/7/2017


I am totally a soup person and starting in September, I usually cook a pot of soup a week.  My main reason for doing this is that during the fall and winter months, my family needs the extra boost of vitamins to ward off any winter illnesses.  We don’t receive the flu shot which is why I make sure that we up our vitamin C.  It’s pretty easy to do when you can throw herbs and veggies high into a pot and make a yummy soup.

Gone are the days of chicken noodle soups (or not) since we now live a plant based lifestyle.  However, I will not allow the absence of meat to stop up us from indulging in soups.  There are plenty of plant based meat options to add.  Field Roast has an amazing sausage.  Beyond Meat has crumbles that would go perfect in a lasagna soup.  Gardein has plant based chicken strips so that you technically will not miss out on those beloved chicken noodle soups.  If you are interested in those products, check out Amazon Fresh.  They have a great selection of plant based meat options.

I have been scouring the internet in search of some fun soups where I stumbled upon a cool site called Straight Up food.  There are so many plant based recipes, and I am sure that I will be posting lots of them from this site.  While peeling through all the plant based goodness, I came up with a recipe for beefless stew. This recipe is straight forward and super easy.  If you are a mushroom person (I totally am not), you will love it.  While there are herbs listed in the recipe, you could totally add your own as well. Dried strawberry leaf is high in Vitamin C and would be a great addition to this recipe.

So, without further ado, you can click here to get this feel-good recipe!

Meatless Monday 7/24/2017


Courtesy of The Full Helping

Today I present to you the first post in our Meatless Monday series.  Every Monday you will find a recipe completely devoid of meat yet easy to make with the least amount of ingredients as possible. My goal is to make your Meatless Monday as easy and tasty as possible.

I am always on Instagram (you can follow my Instagram here ), Pinterest and different blogs looking for something that looks and sounds tasty, so that my family and I won’t get bored with our meatless meals.  The best part is that I get to satisfy my inner desire to be a chef.  Sometimes I don’t always follow the recipe to the letter, but I always use the base of the recipe and then play with it a little.  Basically, some of the smaller ingredients you may be able to omit without totally destroying the recipe.

This week’s Meatless Monday meal was found via Instagram.  I came across a really cool Instagram page,  The Full Helping.  You can visit the page by clicking here. While visiting, I saw this recipe for Curried Tahini Pasta Salad. I am a fan of curry but let me explain.  I am a fan of mild curry.  And I do mean mild.  I can’t handle major spice.  I have tried.  It is just not in me.  However, I still like the taste of curry.  I have even made a curried hummus before.  Roasted chickpeas with curry spice are pretty tasty as well. Another spice included in this recipe is turmeric.  Turmeric is by far one of my favorite spices.  I cook with it almost every day, which may explain why most of my food has an orangish tint.  Turmeric is a known cancer fighter so it is good in my book.  I would highly suggest getting to know turmeric and making it a permanent home in your spice collection.

What I like about this meal is that there are not a ton of ingredients that you need to run out and get.  I think the only item you will probably have to put on your shopping list would be Tahini.  Once you have it though, you will have it for a while.  It is considered a vegan food staple.  It’s a simple mix of sesame seed and oil.  Totally doable if you want to make it yourself.  What is really awesome about Tahini is that you could add to it to make it your own.  So if you like spice, you could add that to it.

You can click here to find the full recipe on The Full Helpings blog.

I hope you enjoy!  Leave a note below if you decide to try this recipe!

If you are in search of turmeric, click here.